Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Verify Your Rating on PRC Board Exam You’ve Taken

One of the most frequent questions that visitors on this site is asking after they have taken and successfully passed a particular board exam is how to verify their ratings on the board exam they have taken under the PRC supervision.

Well, verifying your rating is very easy.

Here are the simple easy steps that you ought to follow:

1.     You have to visit the website.  I suggest that you open it on a separate window or browser page while reading this so that you will be guided and not get lost.

On the side bar on the homepage of the website and there you will see an item dedicated to inquiries about “Verification of Rating”.   

Check screenshot of the website below:

2.    Have you seen it?  Very good.  You can now easily proceed by just clicking it and it will lead you to a page like the one you can see below:

3.    Now, you are on a page that you need to put information. 

4.    First, select the type of board exam you have taken.

5.    Second, select the exam date of the board exam you have taken.

6.    Third, provide all necessary details such as application number, first name, last name and date of birth.  When everything has already been provided, click “verify”. 

7.    And when all information that you provided are right, congratulations, you now know your exam ratings.

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Thank you!

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