Thursday, November 15, 2012

Result of October 2012 Criminologist Licensure Exam

One of the most anticipated board exam results these days is that of the October 2012 Criminologist Board Exam.

This examination administered by the Board of Criminology, which is still basically under the Professional Regulations Commission or PRC, was given last October 27-29, 2012 in Manila, Zamboanga and other regional offices.

Many have already been asking and sending message in our official Facebook Page, which could be found in the side bar (and if you haven’t liked our FB Page, you can easily like the page to get updates of exam results on your FB wall), of when will really be the October 2012 Criminologist Licensure Exam results posted and published.

Well, usually, board exams are finalized, formalized and published by the PRC only three days after the last day of the examinations.

But as far as experience and precedence is concerned, there are some board exams that may took quite a longer time before it gets published.  These exam are that of nursing, the LET and criminologist.

But don’t worry guys, the exam for sure will be out soon.  For sure, many exam-takers are already nervous, anxious and maybe really excited.

As we always post here too, patience is a virtue.

We will post and update you when the result is already out.

So keep updated by putting your email address on the box below or liking our Facebook Page.

Best of luck guys!

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1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to all board passers! sa mga di pinalad, dont worry may nextime pa.. bka di nyo lng time ngyon.. To my brother Mark Ian Viado, we are proud of you..Congrats Bro!