Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking this Blog to a Whole New Level – Financial Literacy!

We have been sharing here board exam results to thousands of graduates and young professionals in the last couple of years.

It has actually been a great joy to share this information to all those who took pains of studying, burn midnight candles finishing all school requirements, reviewing for the board exam and spending a good amount of hard-earned money just to get a degree and become a professional, either as a teacher, engineer, nurse, doctor, architect, among others.

But in the last couple of months, we have been contemplating of not just offering board exam results and information about board exams.

What we thought of is:  What’s next after board examinations and all?

In the midst of a booming economy, not impressive numbers about poverty, growing number of young professional and economic uncertainty from the first world nations, financial literacy and opportunities of not only becoming a professional or a corporate employee, but also of growing out of debt, rewarding our parents’ hardwork for us to finish our studies and become financially mature and independent are must.

So in this webpage, expect that aside from the usual, we will be soon posting here also means for us to become more financially literate and independent.  Topics will include on ways to earn online, earn passive income, have multiple streams of income, investing in the stock market, investing in your future, lowering debt and maximizing the power of your earnings and many others.

This is part of our efforts to not only bring results of examinations that will make people become professionals but also equip you, our dear readers of the many beautiful opportunities to grow your income, lower your debt and be financially free and educated.

Many of our professionals, start to work after getting their degrees or professional license, earn good money and yet are not really educated as to how to spend their money, how to save, how to make money work for them and how to budget and manage expenses.

Many of you I am pretty sure will work after getting your professional licenses with the aim of helping your family, the same way your parents sacrificed in order for you to finish your studies and be where you are now - a professional.

So these are the tasks at hand, these are the concerns, and as a community in this webpage, we will journey together.

Until the next article.

Hope you are excited already.

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