Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Get Rich this 2013! Secrets and Tips to Guide Pinoys

2013 has kicked off and for sure many of us has fattened savings accounts, fattened bellies and fattened credit card bills.  All because of the big amount of money we received last holiday season, the big volume of food we surely had indulged ourselves with and the big amount of expenses we also may have incurred.

Good for those who were able to save from the windfall and bad for those who incurred more expenses than what they actually earned.

So this new year, it is time to face reality, either with optimism, with negativism or fighting spirit.

For now, let us take a break from all board exam matters and topics.

Just as we have shared late last year, we want to add a new topic to our online page, that is - - financial literacy.

You may be asking a big WHY by now.

Want to Know How to Make MILLIONS in the Stock Market?


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