Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Make your 5,000 Pesos Grow to 1 Million Pesos Starting this 2013!

HAll of us work hard everyday.

We wake up early in the morning, go to work, give our best, go home and give the best that we can to provide our families and give them the best quality of life.

But working hard is not always enough.  

We cut some unncessary expenses and save.  But for most Filipinos, everything ends to saving.  And what happens is that we make banks go really rich and let our money deplete its value and buying without really noticing it.

For example, you have 1,000,000 in a bank and with .05% interest per year since 2005, you end up with P1,020,201 net of 20% tax today.

But if you invested your 1 million pesos in a mutual fund like First Metro in 2005, your money will be P4,990,400 today! And the bonus there is that, this is tax free!  Why?  Because the government urges people to invest in order to better pump up our economy.

And when you invested in the stock market in 2005 for sure with the same 1 million pesos, 10 million pesos is still a small amount of earnings for you today.

The good news is that you don't need to start investing with big big amount like 1 million pesos.  You can easily start investing with just 5,000 pesos. 

What can 5,000 pesos buy today?  Hmmmm....a cellphone?  An expensive pair of shoes?  A China-made tablet android phone?

See, 5,000 pesos is an amount anyone can easily have today.  But if you invest it in the stock market joining Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club, and do it every month, for the next ten years following TRC's Strategic Averaging Method or SAM that targets at least 20% return on the each stock you bought and held for 6-12 months you will surely become a multi millionnaire!

You will be able to enjoy life and give more to your family, will surely not become a financial burden to others, help others more, have a secured retirement and for sure, hand over a good amount of financial blessings to your children and loved ones.

So with just 5,000 pesos you can already start investing in the stock market.  That is good news.  And with many of us not yet familiar with investing in the Philippine Stock Market, there is nothing to fear because with Truly Rich Club and Bro. Bo at the helm, you will be very well guided and educated.

Start the 2013 right!  Receive spiritual and financial!  Be Blessed!

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